Indoor cycling classes are effective for anyone who wants to burn fat fast. You should blend an indoor bicycle with any other routine you might be undertaking or as is. Nonetheless, having a trainer makes a huge difference since you will benefit from proper instructions that will ensure that you meet your workout target. Besides, working out with the help of a trainer is tons of fun and motivating.


Here are some of the approaches you can use to maximize your workout.


First off, make sure that your chair is positioned properly. While some people prefer aligning their chairs low, this eventually makes the legs hurt. Ideally, after the end of the paddle stroke, your knees should be slightly 10 to 15 degrees.


The handlebars should be adjusted to comfort the person riding the bicycle. Your weight should be concentrated at the back end of the seat. Read about the indoor cycle class here.


You need to embrace resistance as you ride the bicycle by shying away from the resistance knob. For the most part, the trainer needs to advise you on the right amount of weight that should be applied. However, working out at high resistance boosts your chances of burning fat with ease.


You can easily tell whether you have cranked up enough resistance. One you have to do it while looking in the mirror. Check whether you are swaying on your seat or bouncing like a horse on a saddle. If so, you need to add more resistance to make sure that you benefit from the workout.


It must be understood that you need to drink an adequate amount of water. This is because exercising indoors normally generates a lot of heat and humid environment. Consequently, you need to drink 16 ounces or more of water for a session that takes one hour.


Where your heartbeat ought to be during particular sections of the course is also important. After some time, you will contemplate this using touch and you probably will not have to check; however, the first time it is advisable to check your heartbeat.


To know your maximum heartbeat, deduct your age from 220. Consider 70 to 75% of this quantity, and that will be your ideal fat loss zone.



Do not be in a rush to go away after cycle class. Many teachers go through a five minute stretch at the end of the session. You need to stretch your leg muscles, thighs, and your hamstrings. Not only will your muscle tissue warm up by this, but you will stop cramping from failing to stretch as well.